• Thermal Receipt/Voucher Printers
  • Signature Pads

Thermal Receipt/Voucher Printers

Budget savings

The TM88 thermal printer is a cost-effective solution to printing receipts at the teller line using blank thermal paper and no costly ribbons to replace.


The TM88 thermal printer prints two original copies and features an auto-cutter. All the teller needs to do is lift on the paper gently to remove it and hand it to the member.

Easy Set-up

Setup instructions are available for each configuration listed above. Once the setup is complete simply unhook the OKI's and plug in the thermal printer.


There are no messy ribbons to replace because the TM88 thermal printer uses a thermal printhead. No paper waste since the auto-cutter cuts off the receipt to the exact length of the transaction.

Problem: For years, credit unions have been asking for a better solution at the teller line. Okidata dot matrix printers are noisy, take up a lot of space and have a tendency to jam.

Solution: The Landmark Image has developed and customized an Epson thermal printer exclusively for credit unions using ULTRADATA. The Landmark Image programs the printer to print the credit union logo, address, signature line, cash count box, etc.

Electronic signature software and pads

Signature Pads

Signature pads with Serial, USB and PS/2 connections are available in a wide variety of screen sizes, Interactive LCD Displays, Color Displays and even Paper Overlays in case you are not quite ready to give up the paper document but still want an electronic signature. Combine with our free E-Sig Plus Software for secure encrypted electronic signatures, electronic document management, archival and retrieval.

A growing trend is wireless and mobile signature capture solutions using Bluetooth and SDIO-WLAN technology.