Fulfillment Services

Direct Mail that's Direct and Effective

Design, Print, Address and Deliver to Post Office.

The Landmark Image offer Direct Mail Services. We print Postcards, Letters and Envelopes. With our Print and Mail Services we Print, Fold, Insert, Address, Sort and Deliver to Post Office.
Direct Mail

EDDM Every Door Direct Mail

is an economical way to Print and Mail when you are Direct Mail Marketing to a specific zip code (no more than 5,000 per mailing). We will bundle by carrier route and deliver to post office. You can save as much as 60% using EDDM compared to First Class Mail.

Cross Media Campaigns

The Landmark Image can help you achieve greater ROI from your marketing communications. You provide the mailing list, ideas and content and in just a few days we print, fold, stuff, seal, address, add postage and deliver your entire mailing to the post office. With One to One Direct Mail you can;

  • Increase Response Rate rates up to 500%. Unlock the power of CRM
  • Variable headlines that include customer names
  • Variable photos based on your criteria
  • Capture data via the web

Ask me about this cost effective solution for cross media campaigns in quantities of 300 to 30,000 that can include a full size letter, return envelope, QR Codes, PURL’s and much more for pennies more than a traditional postcard mailing.

Warehousing and Distribution

Save space: let us store and distribute your printed products

You may not have the space to store printed products and distribute to branch offices. The Landmark Image has warehousing space in several strategic locations nationwide to assist.

Print and Mail

Outsourcing your Print and Mail needs can save you time and money. Invoices, Statements, Letters, Notices, Newsletter, Bills and Coupons.